Muskoka’s Bacon Buttertarts

Need We Say More?

Yes, Canada is a bacon nation. It’s a buttertart nation, too, and Muskoka is no exception. When chefs combine the two into one delectable dessert — a bacon buttertart — you’ll hear us singin’ across the lakes: O’Canada.

MuskokaStyle came across this little bit of bacon lovely (pictured) in a Gravenhurst bakery titled, simply: The Bakery. As one shopper tells us: “They just fly off the shelves!” The Bakery sells more than buttertarts — its cakes and chelsea buns and gluten-free fare are yummy, too — but buttertarts sweetened with maple syrup and sprinkled with baconbits pretty much takes the cake, if you can pardon the pun.

As we say: O’Canada.

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