The Lakeside Swing

Ah, life in the lakeside swing…a long glass of lemonade, a steady breeze, a view of the steamship Segwun floating past on a Muskoka bay. The classic lakeside swing gets an update this season from a number of sources.

The classic lakeside swing gets an update this season…

Pier 1 Swing
Pier 1 Willow Swingasan

The Willow Swingasan
Pier1 Imports’ new Willow Swingasan is festive and fun, painted in a rainbow of colour (

Dedon’s ultra-modern SwingMe and SwingUs were conceived not just as swings, but as furniture for outdoor living. Hung from three ropes that converge to a single point — like a triad — Dedon calls the result “a rotating swing experience.”


Dedon SwingUs Chair Swing
Dedon SwingUs

Also from Dedon, the Nestrest sends design of the classic lakeside swing into the stratosphere. Created by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, it is cocoon-like and comfortable…a floating living room.

“For Pouzet, the concept of the floating outdoor living room began with the observation that nothing in the garden is static except the furniture,” states the company website “By suspending that furniture from a tree or terrace structure, the designer could give it movement, introducing the dimension of time while creating the perfect backdrop for what he calls ‘scenes of life.’”

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