HBC Butterfly Chair in Hudson's Bay Colours

Muskoka Must-Haves: The All-Canadian Camp Chair

For R & R MuskokaStyle, Try this Classic Canadiana Butterfly Chair from HBC

Little says “Canadian Winter” quite as well as a Hudson’s Bay Multi Stripe Point Blanket.  Those iconic HBC stripes — green, yellow, red, and a blue that’s properly called indigo — date all the way back to 1702,  otherwise known as Queen Anne’s four favourite colours.

If the blanket is HBC’s emblem of Canadian winter, what’s the enduring Canadian department store got for summer?

Featured in the historic HBC Collection is the Butterfly Chair, a comfy canvas camp chair with a folding metal frame that’s lightweight and conveniently portable. Bonus: Striped drawstring bag included.

As a Muskoka must-have, the Butterfly Chair looks classic on a dock, on a deck, or cozied up next to a campfire.

Tip: On cool Muskoka nights, complete the look with an HBC Multi Stripe Point Blanket or Throw…

Retail: $85


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