From Malibu to Muskoka

In honour of #WanderlustWednesday, MuskokaStyle’s team is curating a selection of travel, shopping, and adventure experiences that are almost, but not quite, as special as summer in Muskoka.

This week, our Los Angeles-based reporter explores Malibu, California, uncovering trends like turkish towels and frozen veggie soft-serves — trends we know will make their way from the Pacific Coast to the shores of Muskoka Lakes.

Meet me at Lifeguard Tower #29

Flowing through Sun Salutations to the sound of the Pacific Ocean is even more relaxing when the session is conducted by Brad Keimach, a former big band music performer turned beach-yoga-guru. Every weekend he invites his Facebook friends to gather around his stage: the vacant beach at Tower #29, where Santa Monica Beach meets Venice Beach. At 10:30 in the morning, armed with the voice of a tenor and a bottle of sunscreen – available for those who had forgotten to splash it on – Brad leads the 90-minute yoga class with on-sand Savasana and ankle-deep-in-water tree poses. Looking out the bleu horizon while taking in the elements of air, earth and water sets the rest of the day on fire.

Turkish Towels

In the Thread

Turkish towels are popping up all over Malibu beaches in the summer, making them a must-have not only for their colorful and oversize formats but also for the quality of cotton they are made of. Providing the perfect balance between absorbency and softness, Turkish towels are woven in a luxurious manner that boosts extra softness. If you are a purist, you’ll want your Turkish towel white and un-dyed. In Los Angeles, Smyrna Collection has been importing peshtemals form Turkey, Greece and France of the finest quality; turning the thread into the trend.

Pressed Juicery_freeze

Freeze! There’s a new juicing trend in town

When the granddaughter of famed filmmaker Paul Mazursky opened the closet-size Pressed Juicery counter in Brentwood’s minuscule but elite-frequented mall, it was an instant hit. Many locations as well as an extensive juice menu promptly followed. The company went from liquid to solid in 2014 by introducing Pressed Juicery Freeze, a soft-serve frozen treat created by using juices from fruits, vegetables, almonds and coconuts. Vegan, gluten and dairy-free, it has all the L.A. requirements to be trendy.

Polish Grapefruit Bergamot

Body Bliss

Organic has been a staple in hippy circles for decades in L.A. but now it has gone to the masses and straight to the beauty counter. From body lotion to lip balm, organic cosmetics are all the rage right now. Level Naturals, tucked away in the fast-rejuvenating downtown Los Angeles, has been at the forefront of the movement with a compact yet potent body care line. Ideal for those equipped with an outdoor shower, Level Naturals’ vegan body polish is made of sugar, Shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba and infused with essential oils like lavender and chamomile. Indoor shower only? Try their Eucalyptus Shower Bomb, an alka-seltzer-like tablet that melts in the shower, turning your entire bathroom into an aromatherapy spa.

Sacred Charms

Yoga Bling

Gone are the days when donning Lululemons was enough to get yourself to a yoga class in L.A. Nowadays, devoted yogists accessorize their peace of mind with colorful quartz bracelets and necklaces. But hold the flash: there is more than a spark to the bling. Quartz and semi-precious stones have been used for centuries, as they are believed to have healing power. Enter Sacred Charms, creators of spiritually oriented jewelry pieces sold in yoga retreats. The handcrafted designs, inspired by nature and the laid-back, simple and innovative Southern California lifestyle, bring intention to your yoga practice with colorful stones like Cherry Quartz, Red Aventurine and Carnelian.

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