Cottage Etiquette No.2

In this running series, MuskokaStyle considers cottage etiquette: the art of practicing common courtesies, good sportsmanship, civility, and respect, both on the lake and off…


You’ve accepted an invitation as a guest at a cottage cocktail party… Here are six ways to behave with style and civility that will also help you get invited back!

Six Ways To Be A Good Party Guest

Send your RSVP promptly even if you can’t attend. “If you delay your reply,” says Peggy Post, author of Etiquette, “you could hinder the host’s planning and also make it seem as if you’re waiting for something better to come along.”


2. Be on time 
As a general rule, guests should arrive within 15 minutes of the time stated on the invitation. However, whatever you do, “do not arrive early,” says Post.

3. Be a willing participant
When your host announces dinner, or drinks served on the deck or dock, go straightaway. What’s more, “if you happen to be asked to participate in a party game or view Susie’s graduation pictures,” advises Post, “accept graciously and enthusiastically no matter how you really feel.”

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4. Offer your assistance
Offer help in the kitchen when you can, but be specific. Rather than ask: “Is there anything I can do?” Try: “I’d be happy to toss the salad.”

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5. Be good!
No matter what you do, never overindulge. “Attacking finger foods as if you haven’t eaten in a week,” warns Post, “will not only attract the wrong kind of attention, it will also leave less food for other guests.” The diva of etiquette also says: “Be sure to keep any consumption of alcohol on the moderate to low side.”


6. Say thank you….
And finally, be sure to thank your host… twice. “A second thank you by phone is customary the day after the party,” says Post, adding: “the first having been delivered on leaving the party, a gesture that’s gracious anywhere.

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Source: Emily Post’s Etiquette, 17th Edition, The Definitive Guide to Manners, Author: Peggy Post.

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