Sorry, No Vacancy

An ambitious showing of Paintings by Muskoka artist Allan Beckley titled “No Vacancy” at the Bracebridge Chapel Gallery.

Based on personal photographs of his travels across Canada and the United States, Allan has produced a painstakingly crafted series of high realist acrylic paintings depicting historical neon signage.

“Get your Kicks on Route 66”

Sometimes whimsical, sometimes derelict, sometimes even tragic, Allan’s selection of imagery gives us a rare and comprehensive view of the so-called vernacular design of North American, post-war culture as he documents its momentum toward extinction. Allan’s clarity of detail pays homage to neon signage as an unmistakable and lasting influence on contemporary lifestyle, architecture and design.

Tube Bender Artistry!

“I hope the viewers will begin to appreciate the tube benders artistry in the paintings,” says Beckley. “I expect most attendees will be fascinated by the impact that neon has played such an important role in shaping design trends, social mores and cultural movements for a hundred years. I’m recording a brief glimpse of our own history.”

A public reception for No Vacancy will be held on Saturday, November 23 from 1pm to 3pm at the Chapel Gallery. The Muskoka Arts and Crafts exhibition continues at the Chapel Gallery until December 13.

Hackberry by Allan Beckley

Photos: Allan Beckley, courtesy of Muskoka Arts and Crafts.

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