Summer Show Cancelled by Muskoka Arts & Crafts

Muskoka Arts & Crafts has cancelled its 58th Annual Summer Show that was to take place July 17 to 18, 2020 at Annie Williams Memorial Park in Bracebridge. The cancellation is in the effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ reports that its first and foremost priority was for the safety and health of its artists, volunteers, customers, service providers, staff and community.

“Muskoka Arts & Crafts is heartbroken that the Summer Show has been cancelled and we are keenly aware that this event is an important part for many of our artists’ livelihood,” says Elene Freer, the executive director for the organization. “We are saddened to disappoint our customers who look forward to attending this long-running summer tradition in Muskoka and supporting the artists through their purchases. We are acutely aware that the significant economic impact the Summer Show has on our community and its businesses is gone. With the cancellation of the Summer Show, Muskoka Arts & Crafts has lost its annual income.”

“We are saddened to disappoint our customers who look forward to attending this long-running summer tradition in Muskoka.” — Elene Freer

“Attending Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ annual Summer Show is a highlight of the summer for many residents and visitors to Bracebridge. It is unfortunate that these exceptional circumstances have necessitated the cancellation of the show this year. The Town of Bracebridge thanks Muskoka Arts & Crafts for everything they do to promote our vibrant arts community and we look forward to working closely with Muskoka Arts & Crafts and other community organizations as we plan for the future,” said Mayor Graydon Smith.

Chapel Gallery Closed to Visitors

In addition to cancelling the Summer Show, this past March, Muskoka Arts & Crafts had to cancel its 43rd Annual Spring Members’ Show. Then, the organization cancelled its workshops, community shows and the publication of its guidebook. Since March 17, the Chapel Gallery has been closed to all visitors.

“Muskoka Arts & Crafts is dedicated to the arts and to supporting our artists. To that end, we are already hard at work to develop new programs that will connect the artists with the wider-community we serve and to reinvent how we deliver those services,” remarks Freer. “We are also looking at ways to develop new streams of revenue. We are fortunate to be part of the creative economy and we will use this creativity to aid the artists and the community we serve.”

Flower Power

“These are difficult times. We’re all in this together and together we will get through it. Muskoka Arts & Crafts urges you to stay healthy and do whatever you can to help one another and to make this a better world,” says Freer.

If you are missing your dose of art, you can still enjoy seeing what the members of Muskoka Arts & Crafts are making and what the organization is doing on Facebook and Instagram, links via:

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