The Three Rs of Summer: Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt

What are the THREE Rs of SUMMER?

Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt

(And you thought the 3Rs were reading, (w)riting & (a)rithmetic )

THE RUGBY SHIRT: Long-sleeved, collared, and made of thick cotton so it won’t tear in a scrum, The Rugby Shirt replaced the white-dress-shirt+bowtie early in the 20th century as England’s official gear of “rugby”. Horizontal stripes were chosen to differentiate the rugby shirt from the vertical stripes of football. Brooks Brothers, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren all boarded the rugby-shirt-bandwagon early. This one’s from @ProvinceOfCanada

The Romper, FreePeople
The Romper, FreePeople

THE ROMPER: Born out of a need for rationing fabric during WWII, The Romper (a.k.a. The Onesie) morphed into popular playwear for toddlers in the ’80s. It’s been reborn yet again thanks to Coachella-bound women in floppy hats and wire-framed sunnies. This one’s from @freepeople

The Ray-Ban
The Ray-Ban

THE RAY-BAN: Shocker: Tom Cruise in Top Gun was not the first to wear Ray-Bans. The brand’s iconic aviator was developed  for pilots in the US military to help “ban” the blare of the sun’s “rays”, hence Ray-Ban. And yes, this one’s from @RayBan

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