Cheesus Murphy, Is This Ever A Good Food Truck!

It’s noon on a Sunday and I’m just biting into a gourmet sandwich at a food truck in Baysville. Sticky white cheese is bleeding from its edges, there’s a crunch to the grilled bread and a bite to the tart layers of Granny Smith apples. My eyes are closed, I’m so focused on the food.

“Hey there, Mrs. G.” I open my eyes, look up. Before me: teenager, giant grin, baseball cap backwards—my kids’ summer sailing instructor. He asks: “This your first Cheesus of the summer?”

It is, indeed, my first Cheesus of the summer. Like all of Lake of Bays and half of Huntsville, each new year I tick off the days on the spring calendar ’til Baysville’s funkiest food truck fires up its grill and throws open its windows. Cheesus Murphy & The Grateful Bread is, as promised, “the cheesiest place around”. On its sound system: a steady dose of classic rock (Stones, Lennon, The Grateful Dead). On its menu: grilled cheese sandwiches made with homemade bread, a lotta cheese, and a ton of George Carlin-esque hippie-dippy swagger.

He asks: “This your first Cheesus of the summer?”

Cheesus Murphy sandwich

On the Menu

♦ First there’s the Canadian Cheesus: cheddar, “mozz”, bacon, arugula, and a “trailer-made” garlic dressing.

♦ Next there’s the Cheesus Tabernac: swiss, mozz, smoked meat, grainy mustard and pickled red onion.

♦ There’s the one I’ve just bitten into, the Sweet Cheesus: havarti, mozz, granny smiths, and that trailer-made sticky sweet sauce that’s a mix of cheese, condensed milk, and coconut.

♦ And there’s the motherlode, The 4:20: An 8oz burger between two grilled cheese, topped with back bacon, side bacon, and onion rings. Cheesus!

Location, Location, Location!

Cheesus Murphy sits in the parking lot of the local general store alongside Highway 117 on the edge of Baysville. It’s close to Lake of Bays Brewery, the library, and Humble Pie, and even closer to the liquor store. Driving through Baysville, it’s the truck painted Cheese Whiz yellow… you just can’t miss it.

Though you might wish you did, as like me, now you’ll have to come back again and again.

Cheesus, Murphy! It’s such a good food truck.

This marks the first in a series of Muskoka Food Truck reviews. Stay tuned for more throughout Summer 2020. If you’ve got one we haven’t found, leave us a comment. We love road trips at MuskokaStyle, and we’re always hungry.

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  1. Lard Thunderin’ Cheesus is awesome! Ham, cheese, minced pickle, wow… And well priced! Fries just complete the meal: fresh, hot, crispy, and malt vinegar if you want it!

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