How to Photograph a Wedding Muskoka Style

Agnes Wywrot shoots stylish weddings. This intrepid photographer, also known as the Northern Wildflower, ventures north from Toronto often to capture nuptials in sophisticated, highly scenic spots, including the Muskoka Lakes. On any given weekend you’ll spot her chasing a couple in a canoe or setting a scene on a dock… or maybe not; as a wedding photographer, Agnes strives to go unnoticed so that she can get that all-important “candid” shot. The wedding we see here featured Sonia and Divyan, a couple married on a long weekend in 2019 at the JW Marriott on Lake Rosseau; it’s one of the photographer’s best. Racing between weddings, we sat Agnes down long enough to ask her what made this shoot so good, plus she offered tips on how to photograph a stylish wedding on a Muskoka lake. Here’s what she said:

Q: When it comes to weddings, I’m sure you’ve seen it all. What makes fabulous wedding images?

First, setting aside about 15 minutes during sunset to come outside with me and take some sunset photos! The light during this time is optimal, so I love it when couples give me that time to create magic. Also trying to not be camera aware. As a photographer, I try to be a fly-on-the-wall for your wedding day, and as a result I get some amazing candid images. I make sure to tell the couple and their bridal parties to ignore me unless I say otherwise! And finally, try to incorporate sentimental aspects to your wedding; whether its cultural traditions, DIY decor, your pets, your favourite desserts. The more your personalities are represented on your wedding day, the more sentimental the day will be, which inevitably translates through photos.

Q: How does shooting a Muskoka wedding differ from a wedding set in a more common setting, say a  venue hall in the city?

I find the wedding couple along with their families are little more laid back when a wedding takes happens in a place like Muskoka. I truly believe nature puts everyone at ease and can heal the anxieties of a wedding day. It can also heighten all those good emotions. As an individual who loves being surrounded by nature, photographing in Muskoka is inspiring and allows me to get very creative. 

Q: As a photographer, what’s your ideal setting for a wedding?

Outside among the pine trees, with a tented reception that includes hundreds of twinkly lights!

Q: Tell us a bit about Sonia and Divyan’s gorgeous wedding.

Sonia and Divyan held their wedding on the July long weekend of 2019 at the JW Marriott in Muskoka. It was an incredible two-day event that I documented from morning till night. The first day included an outdoor Hindu Wedding Ceremony, followed by an outdoor laidback evening Cocktail Party that included s’mores, acoustic music, and a first dance among their friends and family holding sparklers. The second day included an evening reception party indoors that was styled to perfection, and ended with a dance party like no other. Sonia and Divyan have impeccable style and a voguish aesthetic, which truly came together on their wedding day. 

Q: Agnes, thank you! Where we can view more of your work?

My website is: and I am constantly updating recent work onto my instagram: @northern_wildflower

All photos by Agnes Wywrot, All rights reserved.

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