A Story In Stained Glass: Maureen Haines

Pattern and colour fuel the creative fires for award-winning stained glass artist Maureen Haines. Working in her studio on the Green River in Washago, the inspiration of nature surrounds her. From the winding river views to the mature forest abutting her home, everything serves as grist for the mill. “I’ve always loved coloured glass, no matter where it is or how it’s used,” says Maureen. “It could be glass plates, mixing bowls, anything in coloured glass draws me to it. I’d always wanted to work with glass but didn’t have the opportunity to do it until I retired.”  

Throughout her years as a chemistry teacher, Maureen focussed much of her creative energy on quilting. She was drawn to the fundamentals of pattern and colour and the challenge of joining fabric pieces into a pleasing design brought satisfaction and joy. When she left teaching and as her hands lost some of their flexibility, she sought out an alternative for her artistic expression. Using the same basic design principles, stained glass became her new love. “Skills from quilting just transferred over to stained glass and my love of glass continued.” 

Her work begins with an idea that she sketches on paper, then the artist transforms this original concept into a pattern. From the pattern she selects glass colours and textures that will result in an accurate representation of the story or theme. The paper patterns are then used as guides to cut each piece of glass before assembling and joining them together using the traditional method of soldering lead.

Although Maureen’s work often incorporates environmental elements, many of her pieces represent familiar buildings or whimsical ideas. The artist possesses the ability to take found objects such as a Murano Glass perfume bottle that she worked into a fanciful piece entitled Genie in the Bottle. This skill is useful when commissioned to integrate a family heirloom, such as Depression Glass plates, into an art object, like My Garden. Maureen has created stained glass designs to fill guitars, antique clocks, snowshoes and more. If you have a special object or memento from a vacation or an item passed down through the generations, this inventive artist will find a way to give it new life and beauty.

If you have a special object or memento from a vacation or an item passed down through the generations, this inventive artist will find a way to give it new life and beauty.

Another part of Maureen’s business focusses on repair of stained-glass items, from hanging art pieces and lamps to complete windows. Currently she is working on a window from the interior of the old Hy’s Steakhouse on Richmond Street West in Toronto.

Would you like to learn how to create using stained glass? Maureen’s patience and humour make her an excellent teacher and she loves to share her knowledge. Contact her directly to learn about classes.

You can find Maureen Haines’ dazzling, magical creations of colour and light at her LOG CABIN DESIGN Studio in Washago, Heron’s Nest Studio Gallery in Bracebridge and at Arts at the Albion Gallery in Gravenhurst.

Contact Maureen Haines, Log Cabin Design Studio, 3281 Green River Dr Box 16 Washago. 705-689-3352

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