5 Ways To Be A Good Cottage Neighbour

There are more than five ways to be a good cottage neighbour, but let’s start with DOs and DON’Ts of PARTIES, as suggested recently by the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA):

  1. Remember that noise, including casual conversation and barking dogs, amplifies as it travels over the water surface.
  2. Try not to inflict your taste in music on your neighbours.
  3. Inform your neighbours when you’ll be hosting a party… perhaps invite them, too.
  4. Reduce unnecessary outdoor lighting so that everyone can see the stars at night.
  5. Let your neighbours sleep in (a bit) in the mornings by delaying use of power tools until at least 9 am.

For more on these topics, see www.mla.on.ca/mlacode

Photo courtesy of Tegan Mierl, Unsplash

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