How To Capture a Muskoka Sunset

Muskoka has some of the best locations to kick back and enjoy a relaxing summer evening viewing a sunset. Trying to get that perfect, beautiful sunset photo for social media or to show folks back at home isn’t always easy. Hopefully, these quick and easy steps help to give ideas and inspiration on how to capture that perfect Muskoka sunset.

1. Location and Timing

It sounds simple enough, but choosing a location and checking the time the sun sets are vital to taking a sunset photo. Make sure the destination faces the sun’s descent and allows a perfect view to be captured on camera. Leave plenty of time to set up whatever equipment may be needed whether that’s a phone, camera, tripod etc., to play around and experiment what kind of angle or shot looks best. Be sure to remember looking at the sun for long periods of time is hazardous, even through a camera lens!

2. Weather

Always check the weather. As many locals know, the weather is Muskoka is quick to change and it doesn’t take much for a sudden cloud cover to ruin plans. Download or check a few weather apps before deciding whether to head out. A few clouds are not a bad thing! Sometimes, clouds can really add to the scene, creating an extra layer of depth and beauty.

3. Research

Find out what kind of scene to capture, then do some research to gain inspiration and insight on the techniques other photographers use to heighten the visceral scenes they capture on camera. While having fun and testing out different shots and angles may work for some, others may find it easier to have a format or a detailed guide on how best to prepare and set up a shot to capture a specific scene or mood or colours in the sky. Looking to people who have experience and knowledge with taking photos of sunsets is often times the best places to find inspiration! 

4. Filters and Exposure

Depending on what kind of camera is being used, there are different varieties of filters and exposure that can be used to really make that photo stand out. The best tip is to play around with whatever equipment is available, learn its settings, modes, and what filters there are and what they do to figure out how they can help enhance a sunset photo. For those who want a further understanding on how their camera settings can bring out the colours of the sky, click on this link:

5. Have fun with it!

Try not to stress. Sometimes the best photos are the ones which are the most spontaneous! Getting overly technical can often take away the fun of being outdoors and experiencing the beauty Muskoka can offer at sundown. The best thing to do is go with the flow and trust personal instinct as a guidance for capturing some of Muskoka’s best and unreal sunset photos. 

All Images by Kaitlyn Sutey

About the Reviewer: Kaitlyn Sutey lives in Bracebridge, Ontario. She completed a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing in May 2019 from Dalhousie University. Back at home, she spends most of her time reading and writing novels. Kaitlyn aspires to edit manuscripts for a publishing company, and to one day release a novel of her own. See Kaitlyn here .

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