Summer Poetry

Our Days

I walk these streets
wIth what feels like freedom
A pause, thankful
for village feats

Understanding amenity
and connecting to the wind
Listening to birds
the feasibility of serenity

Sometimes struggling
with identity’s challenge
Doing our daily tasks
and spontaneous juggling

But we gather
in the ways we can
And the recent challenges
of frustration’s lather

I feel the passion
in the serious and strange silence
A phone call’s ring
Ignoring the and social ration

The future is ours
in its modest hope
As we deliberate on alternative
In the summer showers

There is no solution
yet, we know the answer
In the tears and laughter
of our resolution

Let us breathe easy
as we count our steps
With a country flavour
and times so breezy

-DeaBeaPea 6-10-21


Sometimes catching my hair
Starting a fire
How those warnings dare

The rub of irritation
Starting a flame
The anger of my quiet station

While I work or rest
Coming from bird-angels
In their holy fest

Heard from many places
But inside I know
The look of those faces

Of victory and relief
The temporary joy
Of an awarded belief

Is it the destination
Where the world has always been
Waiting for our celebration

Made by Gods
We only have to listen
To their voices so awed

Ourselves among
The magical wonders
And miracles so strung

DeaBeePea 5-30-21

David Bruce Patterson

About the Author: David Bruce Patterson is a Muskoka author, poet, and cocktail conoisseur. As MuskokaStyle’s poet laureate (DeaBeaPea), he finds it a stimulating challenge, rotating between novel writing and poetry. “They meet somewhere in the middle,” he says. “The unknown genre.” David has completed his novel, Square Wheels, and is now working on Dorothy Parker and the Epigram Mysteries: Murder at Land’s End. David has also written more than 3000 poems and hopes to have an anthology out soon.

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