Rockable Women’s Golf Fashion… Finally!

Ada’s Golf Boutique launched on International Women’s Day 2021. Fitting timing for a cheeky online store striving to meet a challenge. “It’s a real struggle to find fashionable golf clothing,” says founder Mackenzie Knowles. “Nice patterns, great fit, good quality, priced fairly….” all that is hard to come by in a sport legendary for its, um, stodginess. So, Knowles (no relation to the famous writer :)) is taking the sport to the street… virtually. She’s upping the game ー forcing the establishment to have a little more “flair and fun” with women’s golfwear. In her words, “I’ve taken on this challenge to bring women golfers more variety and more accessibility to fashionable clothes.” MuskokaStyle caught up with the Toronto entrepreneur in May, just as Doug Ford finally stopped listening to his pop-drinking golf buddies and let us back on the course for Summer 2021. Mackenzie was busy outfitting female golfers, yes. But she took time to get candid about the latest trends, the colour yellow, and how women’s golf fashion is “rockable”… finally! 

SHE GOES BY Mack to her friends.

SHE’S INTO GOLF BECAUSE she “absolutely LOVES being outdoors” and “having fun with friends” while being active. Plus… 

GOLF LEGEND ADA MACKENZIE IS HER GREAT, GREAT… aunt! The five-time winner of the Canadian Ladies Open Championship (1926-1933) and founder of Toronto Ladies Golf Club (1924) still prevails as one of Canada’s finest female golfers ever. “We descended,” says Mackenzie, tongue-in-cheek, “from the same historic family.”

Ada Mackenie
Ada Mackenzie, 1926

HER FAVOURITE WORDS ARE… your clothes make me want to golf! “It’s what I love most about Ada’s: Hearing non-golfer women say ‘these clothes make me want to golf!’ Or when golfers say, ‘I just love the selection and colours!’ Ada’s is a virtual lifestyle golf shop bringing women versatile options for on- and off the course.” 

NO MORE SHRINK IT & PINK IT! “Enough!” says Mackenzie. No more adapting men’s golf clothing for women by shrinking it, pinking it, and putting it in the women’s section of the pro shop. “Brands are now focusing on designing clothing for all female body types.”  

Mackenzie Knowles
Mackenzie Knowles is upping the game ー forcing the establishment to have a little more flair and fun with women’s golfwear.

ON-TREND FOR 2021 is versatility. “It’s 2021!” says Mackenzie. “Women want to be able to wear these pieces on and off the course.” Also on-trend: designs that are forward focused. “Golf brands are thinking less about basic khakis and polos, and more about bringing a flare of fashion. Instead of seeing only 18-inch skorts,” she adds, “there are lots of brands offering skorts between 18- and 15.5 inches” Hallelujah.

“Golf brands are thinking less about basic khakis and polos, and more about bringing a flare of fashion.”

– Mackenzie Knowles

BRANDS TO WATCH NOW include Swing Control, a Canadian company making bottoms to fit a variety of body types. “Their pieces,” says Knowles, “are rockable on and off the course.” Another brand is Lija, also Canadian. “I fell in love with their first two collections. I have to say, the material is the best I’ve found.” Also watch for Lucky in Love, designed in Miami. Its creators are into bright colours and loud patterns. Says Mackenzie: “They’re a whole lot of fun. When I first saw the Lucky In Love collection last fall, I was smiling ear-to-ear for days after. They bring life to golf.” 

ON WHY YELLOW ISN’T SO MELLOW… “Yellow is a popular colour this season on its own and in florals!”

MACKENZIE CREATED ADA’S BECAUSE… It’s important to match fashion with function. To produce golf pants, for example, that you can wear to work, travelling and golfing. Says Mackenzie, “I wear them sitting at my desk all day.” 

BUT SERIOUSLY the online entrepreneur also believes it’s important to improve women’s fashion in golf “to draw-in more women to the game. To make the game more attractive and also accessible.” Adds Mackenzie, “That’s why I created Ada’s.” 

To shop Ada’s Golf Boutique, see and @GoShopAda

Photos courtesy of Ada’s Golf Boutique.

Lori Knowles

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