What this Muskoka Woman is Reading this Summer

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not happy unless I am outside doing something. Hikes. Drives. Chasing sunsets. Reading books outdoors. Exploring neat hidden gems around Muskoka. My happy time is being in nature. 

Between my job, my Swedish lessons (more on this one day), and the courses I’m taking under the Publishing Program at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), I didn’t have much time for the outdoors or my books this winter. Not only was the snow piling up around me in those harsh winter months, but so were my assignments, my dream hiking destinations, and the books I kept buying and never reading. 

I have big plans this summer to explore and photograph gems hiding in unexpected places. But what I’m most looking forward to is settling in with the perfect book on the dock, in the park, or in that private place I’ve discovered in nature—one where I’m completely alone, where my mind can take a breather. 

Muskoka has its own nest of talented writers with published and soon-to-be-published books. After spending all winter studying and working, I’ve accumulated quite a pile of them. I’m looking forward to reading them this summer, and writing about them, along with many, many others.

Check back here often for my suggestions. And don’t be shy… feel free to share the books and the outdoor activities in Muskoka that are on your list this beautiful summer.

For current reviews plus a list of Canada’s current Bestsellers, see Book Reviews for a Summer of Dockside Reading.

Kaitlyn Sutey is a graduate of Dalhousie University in English Literature and Creative Writing. She is currently working her way through a Publishing certificate with Toronto Metropolitan University and Swedish fluency through Sweden’s Folk University. When she is not buried under school work she is reading, writing, exploring the great outdoors, and reviewing books. You can find her at @an0de2b00ks on Instagram.

Featured photo by Etienne Girardet, Unsplash. Books photo by Kaitlyn Sutey.

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