HBC Butterfly Chair in Hudson's Bay Colours

Muskoka Must-Haves: The All-Canadian Camp Chair

Little says “Canadian Winter” quite as well as a Hudson’s Bay Multi Stripe Point Blanket. Those iconic HBC stripes — green, yellow, red, and a blue that’s properly called indigo — date all the way back to 1702, otherwise known as Queen Anne’s four favourite colours. If the blanket is HBC’s emblem of Canadian winter, …

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The Boho Hat

Faye Dunaway. Marianne Faithfull. Bridgit Bardot. The Boho Hat had its day on the heads of these beauties in the 1970s…this summer it’s back. Headlining summer collections by J.Crew and Wallaroo — even Canadian traditionalist Tilley Hats is trying one on — the Boho Hat is wide-brimmed and beguiling. Appearing in simple brown or fresh, …

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Walter Caesar Mix

Thirsty? Meet Walter

Legend has it the Caesar cocktail was invented in Calgary in 1969. While there’s something to be said for enjoying the classic drink vintage-style, we think summer weekends at the cottage call for an upgrade. Meet Walter, a made-in-Canada craft Caesar mixer that does not contain the unpronounceable chemicals, high-fructose corn syrup, and fillers found …

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Nestrest Swing by Dedon

The Lakeside Swing

Ah, life in the lakeside swing…a long glass of lemonade, a steady breeze, a view of the steamship Segwun floating past on a Muskoka bay. The classic lakeside swing gets an update this season from a number of sources. The classic lakeside swing gets an update this season… The Willow SwingasanPier1 Imports’ new Willow Swingasan …

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Books: The Girl on the Train

Imagine it’s post-Labour Day, your dock days are finished for 2015, and you’re back on Go Transit commuting between Union and Oakville on Lakeshore West. To cut the daily boredom you spy on the striking couple oft caught lounging on the terrace of a railside suburban semi — let’s call them Jason and Jess. Except …

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Muskoka’s Bacon Butter Tarts

Yes, Canada is a bacon nation. It’s a butter tart nation, too, and Muskoka is no exception. When chefs combine the two into one delectable dessert — a bacon butter tart — you’ll hear us singin’ across the lakes: O’Canada. MuskokaStyle came across this little bit of bacon lovely (pictured) in a Gravenhurst bakery titled, …

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