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A New Form of Wellness: Art Bathing

For me, summer in Muskoka isn’t complete without a visit to the Muskoka Arts & Crafts (MAC) Summer Show—on July 15-17, 2022 at Bracebrdige’s Annie Williams Park. I’ve missed the opportunity over the last two years as the show was cancelled due to… well, I’d rather not talk about the pandemic. But I know what will happen when I pass through the Show’s entry gate this week: a form of wellness will wash over me, as it does during a swim, in a yoga class, at a spa visit, or while participating in a wilderness retreat. I call it the art of bathing. Or, Art Bathing. Art Bathing?

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What Sparks An Artist’s Ideas?

Have you ever wondered what sparks an artist’s work? How they’re motivated or inspired? Where ideas come from? There are as many answers to those questions as there are artists. Wendie Donabie reflects on where ideas come from and how to capture inspiration when it hits.

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My Heart is on an Island in Georgian Bay

“My heart is on an island in Georgian Bay.” Martha Davis, Artist That’s how artist Martha Davis describes her summer-cottage studio in a place that most inspires her. Having spent childhood summers on Georgian Bay, she’s moved to create impressionistic, up-close-and-personal work drawn from the natural world: sun rising in the east, dew settling on …

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Paddle Wall

How To Paint A Paddle: Art at the Cottage in Six Easy Steps

Paint your own paddle by following these six easy steps—created for MuskokaStyle by artist and author Wendie Donabie. Materials: Wooden paddle – unfinished or varnished Acrylic paint and foam applicator or brushes Painter’s tape 150 or 180 with grit Sandpaper or a palm sander Spray on clear varnish Instructions: Sand the varnish off the portion …

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Lynda Lynn Welcome to the Sun

Lynda Lynn’s Lovely Watercolours

Muskoka artist Lynda Lynn communes with her muse in the “landscape and beauty of the natural world.” She spends time in “quiet uninhabited places or in the expansiveness of a long view”. When searching for new material, Lynda may find herself deep in the woods, by a roaring waterfall, overlooking a quiet lake and distant rolling hills, in the deep shadows of sunlit snow, or basking in the blazing fall colours of Ontario trees. Read more about Lynda Lynn’s watercolours in MuskokaStyle.

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