Summer Reads: The Vanity Fair Diaries

Tina Brown’s dishy & diligent takedown of New York’s celebrity-soaked magazine world of the ‘80s.

Continuing our Summer Reads 2020 review series: Tina Brown's deliciously vain memoir: The Vanity Fair Diaries, 1983-1992. "I just had a drink with Warren Beatty at the Ritz-Carlton" This whirlwind of a book is gossipy, glib, showy, and loads of fun. It's like stepping into the excesses of the '80s for the first time—or, if you ...

Summer Reads: The Girls of Pearl Harbor

Summer reads aren’t restricted to summer. Our latest preview: Soraya M. Lane’s historic novel.

Summer reads aren't restricted to summer. Staying close to home, curling up on the coach, taking some downtime with a good book are all worthy endeavours in springtime, too. With help from Goodreads, NetGalley, blurbs from book launches, and our own reading time here at MuskokaStyle, we're putting together previews of upcoming "summer reads" for ...