Muskoka’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.: Yes, it’s as Groovy as it Sounds

Ashely Eady: Swimwear Designer & Rosseau Icon

If "Gidget" and "Moondoggie" mean anything to you, you'll love Rosseau's Teeny Weeny Bikini Co. (twbco). Designer Ashley Eady, a longtime Muskoka cottager, dove into handmade swimwear + retail 16 years ago, creating retro, small-batch bikinis and one-piece bathing suits  that compliment a woman's curves. Think: Annette Funicello in 1960s' Beach Blanket Bingo, Sally Field in Gidget, ...

Meet Muskoka’s Latest Poster Girl: Capri Sadler

Vintage poster art with a modern twist

Meet Capri, a Muskoka / Whistler artist with an incurable case of wanderlust. Capri has spent the past few years exploring Australia... in a van. It's not easy to paint in an RV the size of a Tofino food truck, but over the years she's figured it out. Her vintage posters depict iconic hot spots—Whistler, ...

8 Fun Facts About Hydrangeas

Muskoka’s favourite “pom pom” flower

Hydrangeas aren't just pretty, they're fascinating flowers. As we stay at home and dream of spring, we dug up eight essential(ly fun) facts about Hydrangeas. 1) Hydrangeas are known commonly as the “pom pom” flower. 2) Hydrangeas grow everywhere, from Muskoka to Malibu, to Timbuktu. 3) In Asia, giving a friend a pink hydrangea symbolizes ...

Whipped Cream Snow Sparkle Soap

Does life get any better?

In the spirit of Muskoka's Christmas season, we gathered a few of our favourite things. First on the list: Snowflake Sparkle Whipped Cream Soap by Northern Waters Cleansing Co. This indie bath and body company situated near Parry Sound caught our eye on Instagram recently with these yummy looking, holiday-themed goodies for your bathtub. Creator Julie ...

For Your Cottage Table

Trudy Crane’s All-White Dinnerware: Simplicity for Your Table.

Trudy Crane’s art is a runaway hit. Her work — all-white tableware featured on — is simplicity itself. It's a style that reflects the ceramic artist’s dedication to a life filled with beauty, meaning, and purpose. Her debut book, Seasons: The Vegan Table, expands on that theme. The artist collaborated with her daughter — photographer Chloé Crane-Leroux ...

The Roundie

Round beach towels make it less hip to be square.

Is it really so hip to be square? The round beach towel — also known as The Roundie — challenges summer norms, taking on the traditionally shaped rectangular beach towel as the go-to for the beaches, boats, and docks of Muskoka. Leading the charge is Canada’s Tofino Towel Co., makers of “the original west coast ...

Cottage Etiquette No.2

Six Ways to be a Good Party Guest

In this running series, MuskokaStyle considers cottage etiquette: the art of practicing common courtesies, good sportsmanship, civility, and respect, both on the lake and off... You've accepted an invitation as a guest at a cottage cocktail party... Here are six ways to behave with style and civility that will also help you get invited back!   ...

Cottage Etiquette

Suggestion No.1: How to Respond to a Cottage Invitation

In this running series, MuskokaStyle considers cottage etiquette: the art of practicing common courtesies, good sportsmanship, civility and respect, both on the lake and off... You're among the lucky few invited as a weekend guest at the lakeside home of an acquaintance... How nice! Naturally you want to attend. How best to respond to this very special ...

Lakelife & Cottagelife Decor

Maps of Muskoka’s Grand Trunk Railway Add Vintage Flair to Cottage Pillows

It's called a Vintage Canadian Map Pillow and it'll look grand on your cottage sofa this summer. For years, artist Helen Hawketts has been collecting vintage maps of Canada's Grand Trunk Railway -- maps dating back to the late 1800s. From the maps, Hawketts created custom fabrics, then designed a series of pillows that add just the right amount ...

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