Muskoka’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.: Yes, it’s as Groovy as it Sounds

Ashely Eady: Swimwear Designer & Rosseau Icon

If "Gidget" and "Moondoggie" mean anything to you, you'll love Rosseau's Teeny Weeny Bikini Co. (twbco). Designer Ashley Eady, a longtime Muskoka cottager, dove into handmade swimwear + retail 16 years ago, creating retro, small-batch bikinis and one-piece bathing suits  that compliment a woman's curves. Think: Annette Funicello in 1960s' Beach Blanket Bingo, Sally Field in Gidget, ...

The Three Rs of Summer: Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt

Muskoka Fashion Trends

What are the THREE Rs of SUMMER? Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt (And you thought the 3Rs were reading, (w)riting & (a)rithmetic ) THE RUGBY SHIRT: Long-sleeved, collared, and made of thick cotton so it won't tear in a scrum, The Rugby Shirt replaced the white-dress-shirt+bowtie early in the 20th century as England's official gear ...

Gift Ideas For Mamas of Muskoka

Moms love gifts, even after Mother’s Day

Hippie Chicks. Rad Mamas. Boho yoga moms. Women with style. We're everywhere, we work hard, we cook lots of food, we put up with your stuff, and dammit... we love gifts even after Mother's Day. Jewellery, candles, water bottles—all of these items are available online, curbside, from local Muskoka shops. None of them are overly ...

Top 3 Fashion Trends for Summer 2020

Hello, Retro! Mom Jeans & Disco Collars Are on the Comeback

Disco collars. High-waist jeans. Crocheted cardigans, blouses, and bikini tops. If any of this sounds familiar, you're about to be thrust back in time. These '70s fashion staples are making a comeback in time for Summer 2020 in Muskoka. Here's a preview of the Top 3 Retro Fashion Trends of the coming season: "They make ...

GoGo Girls Go Anywhere

Warming up for summer in a chunky GoGo Sweater

"GOGO girls can wear their sweaters anywhere..." So says South Godfrey, owner and designer of a funky, chunky line of hand-knit, Canadian-made sweaters with fun slogans like LAKE GIRL, SNOW BABE, and our favourite, MUSKOKA, which comes emblazoned with a big red heart. With bold, bodacious designs and Australian wool that's spun in Italy, GOGO sweaters suit ...

Muskoka Beach Chic

How a Surf Club Revival Puts the Boogie Back in Port Carling

Frankie Avalon. Gidget. Moondoggie. Beach Blanket Bingo. It’s 1960s beach chic and it’s come to Muskoka. Or shall we say… it’s come back to Muskoka. Nearly 50 years since its inception, Frankies Surf Club has reopened in the iconic Muskoka town of Port Carling. From 1968-1974, the Port Carling Surf Club – a.k.a. Frankies — ...

Make A Muskoka Splash

3 Splashy Swimsuit Trends for Muskoka Dock, Boathouse & Deck in Summer 2016

Boho. Cut outs. The minimalist nautical look. Summer swimwear style on the dock, on the boatdeck, and in the lake can be reduced to these three simple, splash-friendly trends. MuskokaStyle tapped the knowledge of swimsuit stylists at Port Carling’s Just Add Water for the edge on these three progressive looks:   The Boho Festival vibe ...

5 Ways to Burst Into Summer

Tips on Dressing Brightly from Muskoka’s Lilly Pulitzer

One antidote to a long, slow, grey winter: bursts of vibrant spring colour. Playful resort brights, sorbets, fun retro-pop florals — all make a splash on 2016’s Spring fashion scene. MuskokaStyle paused the presses to converse with Kaitlin, retail director at Island View, the  Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store in Port Carling, Muskoka. Here are five of her ...

From Nantucket to Muskoka

Snapdragon’s Colourful Weekend Wear Helps Define MuskokaStyle

The dream developed in Nantucket, childhood summer haunt for Pam Willcocks of Canada’s Snapdragon Designs. By age five she was painting and selling seashells to a slew of by-the-sea clients; by age seven she’d earned entrepreneur status. Inspired by the sand and surf of America’s iconic East Coast, the design of colourful, eye-catching weekendwear eventually ...

The Little Desigual Dress

Life is Cool! So says the breezy slogan by Desigual, a colourful fashion brand born in Ibiza and sold in Muskoka.

"Life is Cool" (La Vida es Chula). So says the breezy slogan by Desigual, a colourful fashion brand born in Ibiza that's characterized by "distinctive," "flamboyant," and "optimistic" designs on dresses, scarves, footwear, and tops. MuskokaStyle editors are  enamoured with what we call "The Little Desigual Dress" -- flirty, filmy numbers that swing when you walk and catch ...

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