Girl in White Snapdragon Outfit

From Nantucket to Muskoka

The dream developed in Nantucket, childhood summer home for Pam Willcocks of Canada’s Snapdragon Designs. By age five she was painting and selling seashells to a slew of by-the-sea clients; by age seven she’d earned entrepreneur status. Inspired by the sand and surf of America’s iconic East Coast, the design of colourful, eye-catching weekendwear eventually …

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Kat on the Dock

It’s A Kat’s Life: Profile of an Intrepid Muskoka Girl

Meet Kat Mersky. Kat’s a burgeoning social media star and web designer who spends part of each year in a quaint Victorian cottage on an island on Lake Rosseau. We first spotted this Muskoka girl on Instagram, where her sunny posts strike a lovely balance between old Muskoka and new. We loved the look so …

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Foray floral top

Look Good, Play Better: Golf Fashion Trends 2020

Women who golf know fashion and function go together like ice cream and a waffle cone. One is good, both are better. Karen Weisz and Rachel Kent know it, too. In 2017 they joined dynamic forces to create Open Court, a boutique in Port Carling specializing in golf, tennis, and activewear. Zoom forward three years …

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Ashley Eady

Muskoka’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.: Yes, it’s as Groovy as it Sounds

If “Gidget” and “Moondoggie” mean anything to you, you’ll love Rosseau’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co. (twbco). Designer Ashley Eady, a longtime Muskoka cottager, dove into handmade swimwear + retail 16 years ago, creating retro, small-batch bikinis and one-piece bathing suits  that compliment a woman’s curves. Think: Annette Funicello in 1960s’ Beach Blanket Bingo, Sally Field in Gidget, even …

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Travel Pennants: Little Bits of History Making us Long for the Past

You’d be surprised how much Muskoka shares in common with Banff National Park. Both are Canadian icons, both define Canadiana, both are places revered by Yoho & Co.. Jessy Robertson is a graphic designer and lover of the outdoors — her Yoho & Co. studio is situated just outside the gates of Banff National Park.  …

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The Rugby Shirt, ProvinceOfCanada

The Three Rs of Summer: Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt

What are the THREE Rs of SUMMER? Romper, Ray-Ban & Rugby Shirt (And you thought the 3Rs were reading, (w)riting & (a)rithmetic ) THE RUGBY SHIRT: Long-sleeved, collared, and made of thick cotton so it won’t tear in a scrum, The Rugby Shirt replaced the white-dress-shirt+bowtie early in the 20th century as England’s official gear …

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GoGo Girls Go Anywhere

“GOGO girls can wear their sweaters anywhere…” So says South Godfrey, owner and designer of a funky, chunky line of hand-knit, Canadian-made sweaters with fun slogans like LAKE GIRL, SNOW BABE, and our favourite, MUSKOKA, which comes emblazoned with a big red heart. With bold, bodacious designs and Australian wool that’s spun in Italy, GOGO sweaters suit …

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Whipped Cream Snow Sparkle Soap

In the spirit of Muskoka’s Christmas season, we gathered a few of our favourite things. First on the list: Snowflake Sparkle Whipped Cream Soap by Northern Waters Cleansing Co. This indie bath and body company situated near Parry Sound caught our eye on Instagram recently with these yummy looking, holiday-themed goodies for your bathtub. Creator Julie …

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For Your Cottage Table

Trudy Crane’s art is a runaway hit. Her work — all-white tableware featured on — is simplicity itself. It’s a style that reflects the ceramic artist’s dedication to a life filled with beauty, meaning, and purpose. Her debut book, Seasons: The Vegan Table, expands on that theme. The artist collaborated with her daughter — photographer Chloé Crane-Leroux …

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