Lynda Lynn Welcome to the Sun

Lynda Lynn’s Lovely Watercolours

Muskoka artist Lynda Lynn communes with her muse in the “landscape and beauty of the natural world.” She spends time in “quiet uninhabited places or in the expansiveness of a long view”. When searching for new material, Lynda may find herself deep in the woods, by a roaring waterfall, overlooking a quiet lake and distant rolling hills, in the deep shadows of sunlit snow, or basking in the blazing fall colours of Ontario trees. Read more about Lynda Lynn’s watercolours in MuskokaStyle.

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The Whimsical World of Artist Wendie Donabie

It happens when she most needs it and least expects it. A heron appears—riding the wind, reminding Wendie Donabie she’s not alone in facing a storm or a struggle. “I’ve always known the heron to be my spirit animal,” says the painter, poet, and author. “Herons appear when I have an important decision to make, …

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