8 Fun Facts About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas aren’t just pretty, they’re fascinating flowers. As we stay at home and dream of spring, we dug up eight essential(ly fun) facts about Hydrangeas. 1) Hydrangeas are known commonly as the “pom pom” flower. 2) Hydrangeas grow everywhere, from Muskoka to Malibu, to Timbuktu. 3) In Asia, giving a friend a pink hydrangea symbolizes …

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Explore: Top 3 Muskoka Driving Tours

It’s the land of the blue lake, green pine, and silver rock. Muskoka’s two-lane roads meander among them, along rivers and lakes, with stops in lakeside villages sporting ice cream stands and general stores. There are art studios, antique stores, and mom-and-pop shops along the way, as well as restaurants featuring local favourites. Best part: …

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Travel: Bike Kauai, Hawaii

In honour of #WanderlustWednesday , MuskokaStyle’s team is curating a selection of travel and adventure experiences that are almost, but not quite, as special as summer in Muskoka. This week we’re cycling on an oceanside bike path in Kauai, Hawaii. Far from the madding crowds of Oahu and Maui, Kauai is the northernmost of the …

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Travel: Red Mountain Gold

Eureka! Red Mountain’s Josie Strikes Gold Every once in a while a miner strikes it rich while panning for ski gold. Amid the rocks and ready roughness of Canada’s Kootenay Rockies, a nugget has emerged at Rossland’s Red Mountain Resort: The Josie Hotel, recently awarded Canada’s Best Boutique Ski Hotel in the 2019 World Ski …

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‘Tis the season for a Muskoka Christmas Market

Christmas markets return to Muskoka in time for the 2019 festive season. Crowds flock to lakeside towns in cottage country for cranberry colours, Christmas gifts, good vibes, and festival cheer. Check out this list of Muskoka Christmas Markets. December 7 – 22SantaFestSanta’s VillageA walk through Santa’s winter wonderland. December 14 & 15Noel NorthAnnex, BracebridgeJewelry, pottery, …

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Muskoka Beach Chic

Frankie Avalon. Gidget. Moondoggie. Beach Blanket Bingo. It’s 1960s beach chic and it’s come to Muskoka. Or shall we say… it’s come back to Muskoka. Nearly 50 years since its inception, Frankies Surf Club has reopened in the iconic Muskoka town of Port Carling. From 1968-1974, the Port Carling Surf Club – a.k.a. Frankies — …

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Car Reviews: The Affordable Convertible

Road tripping in a convertible is a fun way to explore Muskoka in summer: bright sun, beautiful breezes, stunning lakeside scenery. You can see just about everything with the top down; suddenly a mundane drive for groceries becomes an adventure! But how do you do it without breaking the bank? Read on… MuskokaStyle‘s pro auto …

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Cottage Etiquette No.2

In this running series, MuskokaStyle considers cottage etiquette: the art of practicing common courtesies, good sportsmanship, civility, and respect, both on the lake and off… Situation:  You’ve accepted an invitation as a guest at a cottage cocktail party… Here are six ways to behave with style and civility that will also help you get invited back! …

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From Malibu to Muskoka

In honour of #WanderlustWednesday, MuskokaStyle’s team is curating a selection of travel, shopping, and adventure experiences that are almost, but not quite, as special as summer in Muskoka. This week, our Los Angeles-based reporter explores Malibu, California, uncovering trends like turkish towels and frozen veggie soft-serves — trends we know will make their way from the Pacific …

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Aerial Yoga

Nearly any view in Muskoka provides a form of decompression. But consider a view of a blue lake and rocky shore while suspended upside down from a hammock. In short, decompression takes many forms. Aerial Yoga — yoga assisted by the use of a silk or nylon hammock — has made its way to Muskoka …

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