Fashion Truck! This Muskoka Boutique Comes To You

Jocelyn Allen has taken fashion on the road this summer with Lemonade, a mobile studio and pop-up shop selling “wearable art”, everything from funky streetwear denim to award-winning upcycled sweatercoats. We hailed Lemonade down long enough to ask Jocelyn about the one-of-a-kind clothes she makes, the art she creates, and of course, her connection with the …

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Ashley Eady

Muskoka’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co.: Yes, it’s as Groovy as it Sounds

If “Gidget” and “Moondoggie” mean anything to you, you’ll love Rosseau’s Teeny Weeny Bikini Co. (twbco). Designer Ashley Eady, a longtime Muskoka cottager, dove into handmade swimwear + retail 16 years ago, creating retro, small-batch bikinis and one-piece bathing suits  that compliment a woman’s curves. Think: Annette Funicello in 1960s’ Beach Blanket Bingo, Sally Field in Gidget, even …

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Nelson Cheng

And The Winner Is… Muskoka!

A Muskoka painting has won artist Nelson Cheng the crown of Landscape Artist of the Year Canada. Painting on the shores of Lake Rosseau—a famous Canadian landmark known for the Group of Seven—artist Nelson Cheng won Makeful TV’s original series. He takes home $10,000 and his winning Muskoka painting is being displayed this spring at …

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