Muskoka Gimlet

Summer Sips: The Muskoka Gimlet

The Gimlet is an old, traditional drink. It can be said that it has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance recently. Just ask local bartenders! It was once the choice of British sailors in the 19th century. The original cocktail was easier on the mixers, simply one part gin and one part Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial. …

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Dandy Lion Cocktails

Summer Cocktail: The Dandy Lion

We all remember blowing the seeds of a dandelion. Where did they go? Off to mystical lands where dreams come true? And I certainly hope you’ve experienced the crunch of dandelion greens in a summer salad, or puckered up with a fragrant cup of dandelion root tea. Somehow, even if unknowingly, this herb has touched all of our …

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Summer Cocktail: The Beekeeper’s Balm

Let’s celebrate the summer cocktail with a new one called the The Beekeeper’s Balm—a soothing, citrusy mix of lemon balm, Muskoka honey, and rum. Lemon balm is an herb with the scent of lemons and the look of basil or mint. It’s tasty in tea, but hey… summer’s almost here so let’s improvise a wee bit! Let’s …

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Cottage Etiquette No.2

In this running series, MuskokaStyle considers cottage etiquette: the art of practicing common courtesies, good sportsmanship, civility, and respect, both on the lake and off… Situation:  You’ve accepted an invitation as a guest at a cottage cocktail party… Here are six ways to behave with style and civility that will also help you get invited back! …

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