Food Trucks! & Where To Find Them

Hungry? There’s little MuskokaStyle loves more than to hit a good food truck. After a day on the water we’re known to seek out a tasty taco or a box of cheesy fries. So, in the spirit of “sharing is caring”, we’re listing the ones we love. The list is small to start but it’s …

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Cheesus Murphy

Cheesus Murphy, Is This Ever A Good Food Truck!

It’s noon on a Sunday and I’m just biting into a gourmet sandwich at a food truck in Baysville. Sticky white cheese is bleeding from its edges, there’s a crunch to the grilled bread and a bite to the tart layers of Granny Smith apples. My eyes are closed, I’m so focused on the food. …

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Sully's Fish Taco

A Food Truck In Paradise

There’s something irresistable about food truck food in paradise. Hawaii. Baja. Tofino. The boho shores of Belize or Costa Rica. Fish tacos and juicy burgers served in a basket with fries, a warm breeze sifting through the leaves, the lap of waves sounding in the distance… it’s vacation perfection. Now it’s doable in Muskoka. “There’s something irresistable …

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