Meet Muskoka’s Latest Poster Girl: Capri Sadler

Meet Capri, a Muskoka / Whistler artist with an incurable case of wanderlust. Capri has spent the past few years exploring Australia… in a van. It’s not easy to paint in an RV the size of a Tofino food truck, but over the years she’s figured it out. Her vintage posters depict iconic hot spots—Whistler, Byron Bay, The Kee to Bala—in a style that sends us back in time. Capri’s classic posters make us think Sun Valley, St Moritz, or the Cote d’Azure in the 1950s with a blue sea in the background and a gorgeous yacht sailing past. We first spotted Capri Sadler’s work on Instagram, then caught up with the Muskoka cottager in British Columbia to find out more about her travels, her inspirations, and her art. Here’s what she said:

Our Q&A with Capri

Muskoka Vintage Poster, Capri Sadler

MuskokaStyle: Your art has  a “vintage poster” vibe with a modern twist. Where does that inspiration come from?

Capri: I first learned to paint on huge canvases, and I’ve always loved the style and look of vintage posters. The last few years I was travelling through Australia in a van—tight quarters meant no more big-canvas painting—so I bought an iPad and started digital drawing. I was finally able to explore the vintage poster style I’d always loved!

Kee Vintage Poster by Capri Sadler

MuskokaStyle: Your Muskoka posters have been very popular on Instagram lately—the Kee poster got a ton of likes. What’s your connection to cottage country?

Capri: I grew up with a cottage on Georgian Bay near Parry Sound. Like most kids, it was my favourite place on the planet. At 19 I moved up there for the summer and worked at Rocky Crest Resort—best summer of my life! After that I was hooked. Three more summers at Rocky Crest, one summer at Taboo, and another at The Lake Joseph Club. I spent my time wakeboarding, hanging with new friends at beautiful cottages, and going to The Kee every Monday night!

Whistler Vintage Poster

MuskokaStyle:  So, you’ve been travelling a lot—ideal for a travel poster artist. What are your favourite spots?

Capri: After University I headed for Whistler with some Muskoka friends and it became my home for the next five years. My family has since moved out there, too. I fell in love with Whistler but still had a bit of a travel bug. So I took a quick trip to Australia in 2017 that ended up lasting two and a half years! My boyfriend lives there and I’m currently in the process of applying for residency. Muskoka and Whistler will always have my heart, but I’ve fallen in love with Australia…

Vintage Poster Collage, Capri Sadler

MuskokaStyle:  You have an online gallery, tell us how we can browse and shop your prints.

Capri: I have an online gallery and shop called Caprizie Art Prints. You can browse and purchase fine art prints of any of my posters. I take orders for custom posters on my Instagram page as well. People contract me to create posters of places they love. Once the poster is complete, I review it with the client and make changes.

Sydney Vintage Poster, Capri Sadler

MuskokaStyle: Capri, thank you for your time and for sharing your art.

Capri: You’re welcome! Travel posters are my way of expressing my love for the places I’ve been as well as getting creative… a thing I love just as much!

For more, browse Caprizie Art Prints and Capri’s Instagram

All images courtesy of Capri Sadler.

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