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Free To Be: A Profile of Pat Whittle’s Art & Creative Spirit

– Posted in: Art Arts

“Being free to be myself.” That’s how Pat Whittle describes her art practice. Based in Muskoka, Pat’s creative spirit is clearly represented in an eclectic body work, from acrylics and oils, to encaustics, stained glass, and alcohol inks. The artist pours her heart and soul into exploration of colour and movement, pattern and feelings—every project ...

Look Good, Play Better: Golf Fashion Trends 2020

– Posted in: Style

Women who golf know fashion and function go together like ice cream and a waffle cone. One is good, both are better. Karen Weisz and Rachel Kent know it, too. In 2017 they joined dynamic forces to create Open Court, a boutique in Port Carling specializing in golf, tennis, and activewear. Zoom forward three years ...

Summer Sips: The Muskoka Gimlet

– Posted in: Drink Food

The Gimlet is an old, traditional drink. It can be said that it has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance recently. Just ask local bartenders! It was once the choice of British sailors in the 19th century. The original cocktail was easier on the mixers, simply one part gin and one part Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial. ...

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