Gift Ideas For Mamas of Muskoka

Hippie Chicks. Rad Mamas. Boho yoga moms. Women with style. We’re everywhere, we work hard, we cook lots of food, we put up with your stuff, and dammit… we love gifts even after Mother’s Day.

Jewellery, candles, water bottles—all of these items are available online, curbside, from local Muskoka shops. None of them are overly pricey. And each piece has the hippie chick vibes of a song by Carole King, the Dixie Chicks, or Bridesmaids’ Wilson Phillips. So scroll down. Read on. This list is meant not necessarily to encourage you buy, but to give you ideas. As your mom would say: “C’mon, kid! Get crackin’!”

Note: MuskokaStyle hasn’t been paid to endorse or advertise any of these items. We’re just keen on appreciating the mamas of Muskoka.


The List

Glass Bead Necklaces

Handmade with love, these recycled glass bead necklaces come from Jibe Jewellery, a studio and shop inside Bracebridge‘s Natural Food Market. Jibe’s collection of crafted jewellery, pottery, clothing, artwork, and home decor has a boho feel and a hippie chick vibe. It’s available now online. See:

Vintage Tees

Possibly the shop with the hippest feels in Muskoka is Years A Go-Go Vintage. Its space in Bracebridge is tight and the selection is small, but items are reasonably priced and highly curated. This MeatLoaf Tee, for example, was so coveted it was snatched up quicker than a jet ski  shoots up the Muskoka River. Still, if you’re living with a rad mama,  there are many other items at Go-Go to be bought online and picked up by Mother’s Day. Scroll through the shop’s Instagram: @Years.a.go.go

Cashmere Headache Pillows

Cashmere headache pillows? Yes, take our word. Your mom needs one, especially now with kids young (and not-so-young) hangin’ around the house, eating all the food, and playing video games at a volume that’s SPLITTING OUR HEADS OPEN! Ohmmmmm. Besides, these lovelies come in cashmere—cashmere!—and they’re coloured white and blue, MuskokaStyle’s favourite shades. Cashmere headache pillows are sold curbside in Port Carling by @BridgeportMuskoka.

High Tea

High Tea sounds so decadent—so Lady-Mary-meets-Lake-Muskoka, or Downton-Abbey-meets-Beaumaris.  The Blue Willow Tea Shop in Gravenhurst will prepare a takeaway High Tea for your mother on Mother’s Day. Mini quiche, tea sandwiches, strawberry cream mini scones—a tea fit for the Dowager Countesses of Muskoka—trust us, they do exist, we’ve met them.  This High Tea is available via curbside pick-up IF you order by May 6, 2020—so you better get a move on. Looove this idea. See

Candle Love

Summer’s just not summer in Muskoka without a sniff around Rich Hill Candles. The scents, the soft light, the kind service… all these things check those hippie chick Zen boxes. Rich Hill’s Bracebridge shop hasn’t reopened yet to the public, but their handmade candles can be browsed online and picked up curbside. They’ve created a special line just for Mother’s Day featuring scents such as lovely-lovely vanilla lavender and spicy-to-the-nose citrus pomegranate. Oh-so-delicious. See Rich Hill Candles on facebook.

Yoga Mom Water Bottles

While reusable water bottle buying may be trending downward—I mean, who hasn’t got a reusable water bottle?—this one from The Chancery Lane Co. in Bracebridge is just oh-so-pretty. In fact, everything from The Chancery Lane Co. is oh-so-pretty. Games. Puzzles. Stickers. Saucy signage. So much fun. And no, your mom doesn’t have to be into pilates or yoga to be gifted one. Click here to check out Chancery Lane’s website.

Lake Blue Crockery

This item’s a little fancier (and pricier) than our other Mother’s Day gift options, but hey, Le Creuset is la piece de resistance of Mother Earth cooking. (And this particular piece is lake blue, another obvious bonus.) Browse for Le Creuset pots and crockery are at the well-stocked, kitchen-friendly The Creative Cook in Bracebridge.

Note: All images in this piece have been regrammed from the shops that are featured. Thank you for sharing!

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