GoGo Girls Go Anywhere

“GOGO girls can wear their sweaters anywhere…” So says South Godfrey, owner and designer of a funky, chunky line of hand-knit, Canadian-made sweaters with fun slogans like LAKE GIRL, SNOW BABE, and our favourite, MUSKOKA, which comes emblazoned with a big red heart. With bold, bodacious designs and Australian wool that’s spun in Italy, GOGO sweaters suit the cottage girl. Last winter we checked in with South to learn more about this cozy fashion find:

MuskokaStyle: How’d GOGO get started?

South: My mother started GOGO Sweaters out of her skiwear shop in Banff, AB in the early 1980s. Back then they were very whimsical and colourful, a sign of the times. I took over the brand in 2011. I also moved to Toronto that same year to build the brand in a major city.

Lake Girl, GOGO Sweaters

MuskokaStyle: Why “GOGO”?

SouthGOGO is a word everyone can say and pronounce. Being based in an international ski town of Banff, this was important to my mother. I agree and decided to keep the name when I took over. My mother also had built a kind of cult following among the young fashion crowed of the ’80s and I wanted to build on the reputation. The name GOGO is fun and fresh just like the sweaters.

GoGo Sweater

MuskokaStyle: Where does GOGO wool come from?

SouthGOGO wool is currently spun in Italy, which is super soft. In the early days the sweaters were made in a more traditional style wool that is rough and itchy. When I took over, one big change was to source a wool that was soft and luxurious. I was able to find a mill in Italy to spin it for me. Of course the wool comes from Australia—that’s where all the sheep are!

MuskokaStyle:Where can we browse and buy GOGO Sweaters?

South: GOGO Sweaters are sold in summer at the Augustina POP UP shop in Port Carling, or online all year at: gogosweaters.com 

Photos courtesy of GOGO Sweaters.

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