Summer Reads | Book Preview: After You Die

With place names like Peterborough and Fenlon, we could mistake this tight summer read as a Canadian cottage-country tale. It’s not. Author Eva Dolan is an Essex-based writer whose crime fiction follows two detectives working the UK’s Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit. Still, what makes After You Die a prospect for an afternoon read on a …

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Art, MuskokaStyle

It’s cottage country’s oldest and largest outdoor art show. The Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Summer Show is set each July in breezy Annie Williams Park, on the edge of Bracebridge, along the south branch of the lazy Muskoka River just as it approaches Santa’s Village. Long summer grasses and lapping water give this summer art show …

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Books: The Girl on the Train

Imagine it’s post-Labour Day, your dock days are finished for 2015, and you’re back on Go Transit commuting between Union and Oakville on Lakeshore West. To cut the daily boredom you spy on the striking couple oft caught lounging on the terrace of a railside suburban semi — let’s call them Jason and Jess. Except …

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